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Arlington Home Care
Garth Monderoy

Brett Sanders

Welcome to Assisting Hands Home Care and thank you for entrusting us with your in-home care needs. I'm Brett Sanders, the proud local owner of Assisting Hands Home Care in Arlington. With over two decades deeply rooted in the Northern Virginia community, my passion is clear – ensuring the well-being and comfort of those requiring assistance. Each day offers a fresh opportunity to make a difference, and I am humbled by every chance to uplift and support individuals in community.

As a Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Dementia Practitioner, I am intimately acquainted with the challenges the aging process presents, not just for the individual but for their families as well. Recognizing that every client has unique needs, histories, and aspirations, our mission extends beyond merely providing non-medical care. We aim to promote healthfulness, enhance well-being, improve quality of life, achieve maximum independence, and provide an invaluable peace of mind for both our clients and their families.

Beyond the walls of Assisting Hands, my commitment to the community remains unwavering. I have participated in initiatives like Meals on Wheels, Dementia Friendly America, Arlington Community Centers, the Northern Virginia Falls Prevention Alliance, among other volunteer endeavors.

On a personal note, I treasure moments with my lovely wife and our three spirited young boys. I’m a regular at a local CrossFit gym, a dedicated Washington Nationals fan, and live music enthusiast.

Garth Monderoy

Brittany Edwards
Recruiting Director

Brittany stands out as a seasoned healthcare expert, specializing in home care operations, client relationships, staffing, and recruitment. As the HR and Recruiting Director for Assisting Hands, Brittany plays an indispensable role, ensuring that we onboard only the most compassionate, dedicated, and professional caregivers. She has an exceptional talent for identifying individuals whose values align with our commitment to offering unparalleled care. With a track record of guiding organizations to surpass their strategic objectives, her strengths lie in fostering connections and facilitating professional growth. Brittany's unwavering optimism, coupled with a genuine dedication to the well-being of others, positions her as an invaluable leader within our team.

A proud Arlington native, Brittany is an alumnus of Washington and Liberty High School. Outside of the office, she remains deeply rooted in her community, selflessly volunteering for local organizations. Her faith and community engagement converge as an active member of the Alfred Street Baptist Church. In her downtime, Brittany cherishes moments spent with family and friends, celebrates her son's athletic achievements with gusto, and passionately roots for Washington's local sports teams.

Garth Monderoy

Jessica Walker
Scheduling Coordinator

Jessica is the dedicated Scheduling Coordinator at Assisting Hands, where she channels her profound understanding of client care to ensure that our clients receive the best possible support. Her diverse background in the healthcare sector includes serving as a Certified Nursing Aide, with extensive experience in long-term care facilities, assisted living environments, and as a private duty aide. Jessica holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Human Services, affirming her commitment to empowering and assisting those in need. Driven by an unwavering passion for caring for individuals, she believes in creating a significant difference in the lives of those she touches.

Outside the office, Jessica is a proud mother to two beautiful children and is deeply devoted to her family. A connoisseur of fine dining, Jessica relishes the experience of discovering new and exciting restaurants. Jessica is an avid traveler and loves exploring the world, enriching her life with diverse experiences and memories. Her journey in both her career and personal life reflects her dedication to service, family, and the joys of exploration.

Garth Monderoy

Eileen Milligan
Director of Nursing

Since earning her RN degree in the mid-1990s, Eileen has been deeply entrenched in the healthcare industry, gaining experience in multiple nursing roles throughout her career. Eileen has extensive knowledge and experience within the realm of non-medical home care. As the Director of Nursing at Assisting Hands, she plays a pivotal role, overseeing care plans for all our clients and offering guidance to caregivers on best practices and tailored care methods. Eileen's dedication is evident in her commitment to ensuring every client receives optimal care. Her genuine passion drives her to assist members of our community in aging with dignity and retaining as much independence as possible. Eileen's expertise in connecting with clients allows her to craft care strategies that resonate with both individuals and their families.

In her personal time, Eileen values time spent with her husband and three adult children. She's also an active participant in community volunteer initiatives, and she maintains a balanced lifestyle through regular gym visits, hiking, and travel.

Garth Monderoy

Luann Weber
Registered Nurse

With an early foundation in home health and hospice care, Luann brings a depth of knowledge, experience, and empathy to our team at Assisting Hands. Her subsequent years in hospital case management honed her expertise, especially in guiding families through the intricacies of the healthcare system and ensuring smooth transitions back to the comforts of home. Now, Luann has returned to her initial passion: serving clients and their families directly in their homes. This setting allows her the intimate space to deeply understand individual needs and preferences, ensuring tailored and effective care. Luann plays a pivotal role in overseeing care plans and equipping caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need for client interactions.

On a personal note, Luann is a proud mother who spent countless hours cheering on her three sons from the bleachers. As her nest has emptied, she finds joy in sharing new adventures with her spouse, cultivating a green thumb in her garden, and is enthusiastically looking forward to mastering the art of kayaking.

Garth Monderoy

Apsatu Jalloh
Scheduling Coordinator

Apsatu is a Scheduling Coordinator on our Assisting Hands team. With a comprehensive background in healthcare that encompasses roles as a certified pharmacy technician, certified nurse aide, and certified medical biller, she has honed her skills to excel in the healthcare industry. Apsatu is committed to delivering exceptional care to our clients, attending to their fundamental health requirements with a focus on excellence.

Beyond her professional life, Apsatu is a devoted mother to five wonderful children and a caring wife. Originally from Sierra Leone, she is an eternal optimist with a clear vision and a positive outlook on life.