The Benefits of Pets for Seniors

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Having a pet automatically makes you part of a special community of people who share the experience of loving and caring for their animal companions. Pets provide entertainment, acceptance and focus on something other than yourself. Research shows owning a pet brings a number of benefits both for physical and mental health. Pet ownership allows seniors, in particular, to reap the benefits of socialization and better health. Here’s a closer look at how having a pet improves the health and well being of seniors.

Pets Lower Your Blood Pressure

Researchers found that the act of stroking pets, talking to them and caring for their needs helps to lower blood pressure. It is believed that the touching causes a calming and reassuring effect in the body that helps to improve blood pressure levels. In addition, taking dogs for walks and playing with a pet helps seniors get more exercise, which also helps to lower blood pressure.

Pet Ownership Improves Heart Health

Owning a pet can also reduce stress and loneliness, which can improve cholesterol levels and triglycerides. These are components in the blood associated with heart health, so when you spend time with your pet, you’re also helping to improve your heart health. Being with your pet also lowers stress levels, which aid in keeping your heart healthy.

Pets Encourage More Exercise

Walking a dog encourages seniors to get daily exercise, which improves blood circulation, balance, joint strength, bone health and even brain health. Even activities to care for other kinds of pets allows seniors to move more and improve their general condition.

Pet Ownership Helps Improve Mood

Pets also have a way of improving your emotional well being. They are always accepting of your shortcomings, are always happy to see you and will never pass up a chance to spend time playing with you or getting out for exercise. Studies have found that people with pets experience less depression than those without animal companions. Researchers believe this occurs because pets provide an outside focal point and need to care for something that takes you outside usual mental talk. Pets can provide entertainment and laughs at their antics, which help to dispel gloomy thoughts and negative feelings.

Pets Make You Socialize More

If you have a dog, your daily walks are likely to have encounters with other dog owners and other animal lovers. Talking about your dog is an easy conversation opener, and people are always eager to tell you about their own pets. Owners of other types of pets are also eager to share stories and care tips. That’s why having a pet makes you instantly more likely to engage with other people.

Whether you prefer a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a fish, a reptile or a bird, your pet can have a significant impact on your health and mood. When you need a Arlington home care to help you with daily tasks, look for an agency that offers pet care services like Assisting Hands along with their other assistance, to ensure you and your pet have the care you both need.