Nutrition Guidelines for Older Adults

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Nutrition Guidelines for Older Adults Arlington VA

For seniors, eating a nutritious diet can offer substantial benefits, including greater mental alertness, more energy, and the ability to better handle chronic health issues. Although striking the right balance between flavorful dishes and nutritious ingredients may seem challenging for seniors who prefer to eat what they want, the following guide can make it easy to prepare nutritious meals aligned with the latest recommendations for a healthy senior diet. 

Superfoods for Seniors 

A well-balanced senior diet should include a combination of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and grains served with a minimal amount of fat. Several of the most recently recognized superfoods can serve double duty by offering many vital nutrients in one simple serving. For example, salmon offers protein along with a healthy serving of omega-3 fatty acids, and blueberries are rich in antioxidants that can reduce age-related damage to the body. Sprinkling chia seeds on top of a salad or oatmeal can also provide an additional boost of protein and fiber. 

A professional caregiver with expertise in nutrition can be a wonderful source of information and encouragement for your loved one. Homecare agencies can be a great boon to seniors. With the help of the caregivers at Assisting Hands Home Care, your aging loved one can lead a happier and healthier life. Our caregivers encourage seniors to eat nutritious foods, exercise and socialize regularly, and focus on other lifestyle factors that increase life expectancy.

Things to Keep in Mind 

As a person advances in age, it may be necessary to carefully monitor his or her caloric intake to stay on track with weight management. Due to the changes in metabolism that accompany aging, a senior’s physician may recommend reducing or increasing the amount of calories consumed daily. Seniors who experience a lack of appetite, nausea, or problems chewing and swallowing may also need to explore alternative ways to prepare foods, such as pureeing steamed vegetables, so they get the nutrition they need. 

If your loved one needs help planning and preparing nutritious meals, a professional caregiver can be a fantastic source of support. Living independently is important for seniors who want to maintain a high quality of life. For some, this simply means receiving help with tasks that have become more challenging to manage over time. Even when families have the best intentions, they may not have the time to provide the care their elderly loved ones need and deserve. If your loved one needs help for a few hours a day or a few days a week, reach out to Assisting Hands Home Care, a trusted provider of elder care Arlington seniors can depend on.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet 

Once a healthy diet plan has been developed, your senior loved one can avoid getting off track by following these tips for maintaining a nutritious diet: 

  • Use fruits, herbs, and vegetables instead of sugar and salt to add flavor 
  • Eat several smaller meals if there’s a lack of appetite
  • Consider meal preparation services 
  • Enjoy meals with a companion as an excellent motivator for healthy eating

A professional caregiver can help your loved one prepare healthy meals that meet his or her nutritional needs. In Arlington, home care service providers can benefit aging adults in a variety of ways. From cooking nutritious meals to offering timely medication reminders, the dedicated caregivers at Assisting Hands Home Care are available to help your elderly loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn about our quality-assured services, give us a call at (703) 988-1800 today.