How to Alleviate Parkinson’s Tremors

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Alleviate Parkinson’s Tremors Arlington VA

For many seniors with Parkinson’s, tremors can be one of the most unpleasant symptoms. Though slight shaking might not seem like much of a nuisance at first, it can make a lot of daily activities surprisingly difficult. Fortunately, there are several treatments that focus on fixing this problem. Here are some of the ways you can address tremors in a senior loved one with Parkinson’s. 

Lifestyle Changes

Most people with Parkinson’s find their tremors get worse when they feel unwell. Therefore, it’s important to manage your loved one’s health as much as possible. Try to ensure your loved one eats a healthy diet, exercises regularly, reduces stress levels, and drinks plenty of water. Some seniors report learning techniques like yoga reduces tremors. Stimulants like coffee and tea can worsen tremors, so your loved one should try switching to decaf or herbal options.

Many seniors in the early stages of Parkinson’s are able to live on their own, but they may need help with everyday tasks, such as exercising and preparing nutritious meals. Aging adults who require assistance with the tasks of daily living can benefit from reliable home care service. Families trust Assisting Hands Home Care to provide the high-quality care their elderly loved ones need and deserve. Our caregivers are trained to help seniors prevent serious illnesses and encourage them to make healthier decisions as they age.

Assistive Devices

For many seniors, the most troubling part of tremors is how they get in the way of daily tasks like eating. Many innovators have risen to the challenge with new technology that can make these activities easier. There are now utensils with stabilizing sensors in the handles that make it easier to eat and weighted holders that keep pens steady. It may also be a good idea to install safety devices like grab bars and handrails so tremors are less likely to cause dangerous falls. 

Occupational Therapy

For seniors with mild tremors, it’s possible to work around the shaking. Regular occupational therapy can help seniors find better ways of handling their tremors. Therapists may recommend weighted cups, button hooks, and toothbrushes that make it easier to perform tasks with tremors. They can also recommend exercises to reduce the severity of tremors and help seniors find new ways of accomplishing tasks. 

Living with serious health conditions can make it challenging for seniors to age in place. However, they can maintain a higher quality of life with the help of professional around-the-clock home care. Arlington seniors can benefit from assistance with meal prep, bathing, transportation to the doctor’s office, medication reminders, and much more.


Parkinson’s is closely linked to the brain’s ability to retain and process dopamine. However, there are several highly effective medications that can increase dopamine levels and reduce tremors. Medication effects can be unpredictable, so many seniors have to try a few different options to find ones that work. Some potential options include levodopa/carbidopa medications, anticholinergic drugs, and dopamine agonists. Seniors should work closely with their doctors to find medications that work to reduce their tremors. 


As Parkinson’s disease worsens, medication alone may not be enough to stop tremors. In these cases, a promising new treatment is a surgical procedure called deep brain stimulation. This surgery involves implanting small electrodes in the brain and connecting them to a pacemaker-like device in the chest that regularly sends high-frequency electrical pulses to the brain, blocking the misfiring nerve signals and keeping them from causing tremors. It prevents Parkinson’s tremors in roughly 90 percent of cases, so it may be a great option as a last resort.

Caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s can be extremely challenging, and a compassionate professional caregiver can be a wonderful source of support. If your elderly loved one is living with a serious medical condition and needs help managing the tasks of daily living, reach out to Assisting Hands Home Care, an Arlington senior home care agency you can trust. Our caregivers are available 24/7, there are no hidden fees in our contracts, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our in-home care services. To learn about our premier home care options, give us a call at (703) 988-1800 today.