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Promoting Senior Wellbeing: Companion Care by Assisting Hands Home Care Arlington


At Assisting Hands Home Care Arlington, our dedicated team of professional in-home caregivers specializes in delivering individualized companion care for senior individuals. This invaluable service involves nurturing valued connections, providing empathetic support, and engaging seniors in activities that foster social interaction and cognitive stimulation. By opting for our comprehensive companion care service, seniors can enjoy numerous advantages that enhance their emotional and cognitive wellbeing, ultimately boosting their overall quality of life.


What Does Companion Care Include?

Emotional Nurturing

Offering seniors a warm and comforting presence that alleviates feelings of solitude, despondency, and apprehension

Cognitive Enrichment

Engaging seniors in diverse activities that nurture mental agility and stimulate cognitive function

Social Enrichment

Facilitating transportation to social gatherings, enhancing connections with loved ones and friends, and encouraging active engagement in community events

Personalized Devotion

Cultivating profound relationships and providing tailored care that emphasizes value, dignity, and a sense of fulfillment


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